Blissful Bambino is a Bespoke Sleep Coaching Service, where our main focus is to nurture confidence in babies and children and encourage them to learn to love sleep, by using our gentle and intuitive approach. We do not use 'cry it out' or 'controlled crying' techniques. 

We believe it is crucial to meet families in their own home in order to create a tailored plan, to help them overcome the sleep challenges they are facing. As parents ourselves we understand how tough sleep deprivation can be and that it can affect your judgement and ability to find a way through the haze. That is why all of our support is offered in a 'hands on' approach providing parents with the maximum support and helping them see the light at the end of the tunnel and a clear path of how to get there. We know and believe it is possible to achieve blissful night's sleep with babies and children and our passion to demonstrate this to the families we work with shines through in the support that we offer. 

As mums we know that parenting can be a challenge at times and that we all need a little support along the way.  Our aim is to share our knowledge and skills from our professional backgrounds to provide parents with gentle and effective  techniques to help create a harmonious and happy home.  Our holistic approach considers every aspect of a family unit and the environment in which they live day to day, creating tailored support plans and packages that really do achieve positive and long lasting results.

"These two lovely ladies helped by 9 month old to sleep consistently through the night and as a result our family life has been transformed!"

Photography by Capture4Life