"Our support session with our twins was so reassuring and we got lots of useful tips to help develop good sleep habits as they get older"

Having a new baby is such an exciting time.  Bringing them home for the first time, getting to know them, bonding with them, feeding them and falling head over heels in love with them!  It is life changing in such a magical way!

A new baby, however, can bring anxiety and worry too!  Many parents feel overwhelmed by such a huge responsibility and the challenge of trying to ‘do things right’. Unfortunately babies don't come with a manual and if they did, they would be sure not to follow it!  They are unpredictable and it's not always easy to know what they want or need.  This lack of control and unpredictability can be difficult to accept and manage.

Newborn babies require a lot of physical and emotional input and energy from their mum and dad and one of the toughest parts of being a new parent is the tiredness that you can experience, it is incomparable. 

Research suggests that the average newborn baby requires around sixteen hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, eight hours in the day and eight hours at night.  It is true that they need feeding regularly and this does mean that their sleep is divided into shorter naps.  Therefore as a parent you also need to adapt your sleeping patterns in order to accommodate your babies sleeping patterns, hence the overwhelming tiredness.

However this tiredness does not and should not last forever - and it is not true that newborn babies cannot sleep well. 
We can advise you how to encourage your baby to sleep for longer periods of time and more independently.  We can share many techniques, including our Blissful Tuck-in Technique, for settling and soothing your baby, helping you feel less tired, happier and more harmonious. 

If babies develop positive sleep patterns and associations from a young age, this will help them to sleep well through challenges such as teething and illness.  One of the best skills you can teach your baby is to be a confident independent sleeper. Being able to go to sleep independently and the ability to self soothe if they stir during the night is invaluable. 

Building positive sleep patterns and associations in those first 6-12 months will pay off over the long term.  It is wonderful to have a child that loves sleep; Blissful Bambino can provide you with the right tools and techniques to help you achieve this.  

Make sure you enjoy your new bundle of joy with a little support from us!


Photography by Capture4Life