Post Christmas Sort Out!


Now Christmas seems to becoming a distant memory for most of us, as parents we begin the big sort out! No doubt your little ones's have been given an assortment of beautiful gifts, some large and some small, but they all need a home! 

One of the choices to make initially is when to take on the challenge! From one parent to another, I would  definitely recommend to do it when  your child isn't around! So choose your time very carefully, make the most of nap/sleep times, pre school sessions, nursery and school etc and begin the task! 

By not having little hands reaching into every pile that you have sorted, is extremely helpful! You can have different piles for different 'places'

For example: 

  • Keep
  • Charity shop
  • Pass on to a friend
  • Sell 

This makes the whole process much easier and productive. You will have clear definitions of what items are going where and therefore hopefully won't be left with a mystery pile of toys at the end! 

Charity shops are very appreciative of children's toys, the same goes for friends with similar age children or interests...maybe it's worth thinking about asking the parents before the child though!!

These days with the wonders of online selling websites and social media selling pages, selling pre loved toys are an easy and profitable way to make some pennies! As long as they are in good working order and clean, you will probably find that most things sell.

Sometimes it's actually quite tricky to be ruthless when having a sort out as we think 'one day they might play with that again' and then end up keeping the lot!  It's helpful to ask yourself 'what will my baby /child get from playing with that toy?' If you can't think of a genuine reason then maybe it's time to pass it on to a new home.

With some fantastic storage ideas around you can really tailor your storage to the needs of your child, and their room. So whether its a big basket, or plastic storage boxes, if you take your time you will find the perfect solution. 

Make this post Christmas clear out part of your New Years plans and I promise you this is one challenge you will be glad you've done once it's over!

Happy sorting!