What a wet and cold weekend we have just had!  Not ideal for any outdoor activities, but perfect for some indoor ones!  When you have children you find yourself always looking for things to do, to help keep them entertained and to tire them out!  This is much easier in the beautiful sunshine and dry weather that hopefully the summer will bring.

So with a wet and snowy Sunday ahead of us, we decided to do some baking!  My two year old loves to get messy and so making cakes and biscuits is perfect for her!  She really got stuck in, with her favourite bit being the mixing of the flour and butter, because this meant she got her hands into the guey mixture and of course made a real mess.  Whilst she was thoroughly enjoying spreading the mixture all over her, the chair, the surface and even dropping it on the dogs, my husbnad was busy running around trying to reduce the collateral damage!  I never clear up until the end as I know there is just no point!

She created some gorgeous star biscuits and decorated them herself with rather a lot of icing and colourful decorations.  She was so chuffed with them and of course her reward for all her hard work, was muching her way through a number of them with her dad!  A lovely family Sunday.

Cooking and baking with your children is great for building their confidence and of course it also provides them with the understanding of where food comes from and how it is created.  It brings out their creative side too, especially when decorating their creations.  But most of all it's a great excuse to spend some good quality time together and get a bit messy in the process!

What do you love to bake with your bambinos?  We would love to see some pictures of their creat  You can send them to or post them on our facebook page