Barefoot Books

We had a great Question and Answer Session today at Barefoot Books in Summertown, Oxford.  This is one of two sessions that we have arranged and if you don't know Barefoot Books it is a great venue.  It stocks beautiful children's books and toys and has a funky, relaxed cafe serving organic food. They have a wonderful reading area in the corner, where they run many activities and also small tables and chairs for little ones to practice their artistic talents!

In our session today we covered everything parenting! We were there for parents to ask us any questions they had for children ranging from 0-7.  We discussed topics ranging from breastfeeding, introducing bottles, reflux and how to manage it, sleep habits, sibling conflict and how to introduce a new baby to its older sibling. We met some very lovely mums and dads and hope to see them again in the future.

We are back at Barefoot Books again next week, on Tuesday at 12 noon, so if you have any questions or issues you want to have a chat about, pop in and say hi!  And it is FREE! And you can treat yourself to a hot cuppa and one of their lovely cupcakes!  Hope to see you next week.