Blissful Bath Times!

For many parents, bath time with more than one child can often be a bit of a juggling act! In theory, bath time is meant to be the signal that the day is beginning to slow down and that your children need to begin to unwind ready for a restful night’s sleep. However, this is not always the reality especially when you have more than one bambino; it can be busy, stressful and hectic!

Depending on the age of your children it can be made a little easier to manage by applying different techniques and thought processes. By planning ahead and considering each age and stage of your children’s development, there are various ways that you can make bath time that bit more blissful!

Older children like to feel a sense of responsibility, so by involving them in getting the bath ready, pouring in the bath foam and helping them to safely run the bath water, this can help them have a focus and feel involved. Younger children can be given the opportunity to choose bath toys, perhaps being encouraged by their older sibling as something to do together, even dropping the toys into the water is a role that can be taken on by one child. This can also be turned into a game, of who can make the biggest or smallest splash!

During bath time each child can be involved in helping each other, whether it is washing each other’s feet or passing bottles of shampoo, all these roles encourage independent skills and positive sibling relationships. As a parent we want to always encourage sibling friendships, so any way this can be done is worth doing.

Once the fun of being in the water is over, this can be the time that tiredness and challenging behaviours really start to appear. It’s our child’s way of displaying their exhaustion and their readiness for bed! It is vital at this stage to keep your mood light and fun, even if you really don’t feel like it, as it is really important to keep things as stress free as possible! Use distraction techniques should conflict occur with siblings or with you and focus their minds on roles, such as choosing their pyjamas or brushing their teeth.

It's also key to give your eldest child time and opportunities on their own during their bedtime routine, when they can be independent and not being asked to base their role around a sibling. This can be something as simple as reading in peace and quiet or having the chance to discuss their day with you on a one to one basis once their siblings are in bed or settling down.

In our view one of the loveliest ways to end the day, is all of you snuggled up on a bed, reading a bedtime story! It will bring the family together in such a beautiful and blissful way!