Children, Music and Dance!

As parents we all have memories of special times with our children and for me one of my favourites is getting that wedding or party invitation through the letterbox!  Instantly my mind fills of lovely images of my daughter dressed in her prettiest dress and shoes and this image continues with happy times, laughter, celebrating a special event and of course music and dancing!

Babies and children generally seem to adore music and dancing and I know that taking my children to that special event is the perfect opportunity for them to indulge in that passion! Being twirled around the dance floor by a parent or family friend, making up a cute little dance with friends or cousins or standing relatively still with the occasional jiggle whilst being totally absorbed in the sounds and lights!

Dancing is such a wonderful confidence booster for children, it encourages a sense of pride and achievement whether its within a formal setting or purely social and it allows them to express themselves in a free way and can also be a great release of emotion and feelings.
Of course there are huge health benefits when it comes to dancing, not only does it encourage physical development, it contributes to an increase of balance and coordination skills. It can help improve poor posture and naturally gets all of their muscles working! 

Toddlers and children benefit hugely in a social capacity when it comes to dancing, music will give them the opportunity to be perhaps pretend to be someone or something else for a few minutes. It encourages social interaction within a group setting and teaches them to take direction from someone other than a parent which of course is a very valuable tool to learn when moving onto pre-school and other early educational settings.
Language development is also another benefit of dancing, because whilst children recognise a piece of music from an early age, as they get older you then begin to get the benefits of your child learning the words to a song. It could be a simple nursery rhyme or even a current piece of pop music! There is something incredibly cute about a 4 year old singing a pop song, but getting the words to it muddled!

A child's enjoyment of music is something to be encouraged as it holds positive images and association! Whether you choose a structured dance group for your little one or just enjoy turning up the radio and having a bop around your kitchen with them, smiles, giggles, laughter, music and dancing! What a fabulous part of your day to enjoy! 

At Blissful Bambino we pride ourselves on taking a child focused approach when working with families. Our priority, whether we are working with a ten week old baby or a four year old child, is to encourage confidence in them with whatever they are doing. We do this by working closely with the parents to empower them in their parenting skills and using techniques that promote reassurance and confidence in the whole family.