Clocks Changing and Bambino Sleep

The clocks go forward an hour on 31st March and for many parents this starts them worrying about how it may affect their little ones sleep patterns.  For the majority of babies and children their sleep patterns will be a little hit and miss for a few days, but most will adjust within a week.  Just be flexible and patient with them and remember it is confusing for their bodies. Try to shift them into the new time gradually and make sure they get lots of fresh air and daylight to get them nice and sleepy for their new bedtime! But most importantly, try not to slip into any bad habits, still keep your bedtime routine the same as normal.

If you are a parent that would like to reduce the impact of the time change for your bambino beforehand, then here are a few tips.

For the next few weeks start to put your baby or child to bed earlier. Bring their bedtime forward gradually, just 10-15 minutes earlier every three nights.  The aim is to get them falling asleep an hour earlier than before. Rememeber when shifting their bedtime, you will also need to bring their bedtime routine forward by the same amount of time (dinner, bath, story). If your little one has good sleep habits and has a set time of waking, then to help regulate their body clock you can wake them earlier too. So if you have put them to bed 15 minutes earlier, then you can wake them 15 minutes earlier in the morning.

If your baby or child has set nap times and meal times during the day, then you will need to shift these too, to correlate with the bedtime changes.  Eating and sleeping go hand in hand with regulating our body clock.

Once the time change has take place, the evenings are much lighter and your little one is going to be going to bed when it is still light outside. Light has a huge influence on our body clocks and suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This is why we recommend putting babies and children to bed in a darkened and dimly lit bedroom. Therefore with the lighter evenings you may want to consider using a black out blind to help create the ideal sleeping environment.  This will also help with early risers once the mornings get lighter too!

And of course the huge bonus to the time change is those longer and lighter days for you to enjoy more family time and it means Summer must be on its way!