Food Throwing!

Tip of the Week from our Facebook Page! Food throwing with babies and toddlers can be very stressful for parents, especially when out in public. Most little ones will do it at some point or another and it can be them experimenting or seeking attention. Although its hard, the best thing you can do is completely ignore the behaviour! Then look to distract them with conversation, a piece of food or a new activity. This distraction does not act as reward for the throwing, but looks to diffuse it and gives it no attention. It is essential to give attention to their good behaviour and you can find by talking to them during mealtimes this keeps them entertained enough to not throw the food in the first place. 

As they get older you can explain to them why you don't want them to throw their food on the floor and for the majority they will grow out of it if it doesn't get a reaction from you or other carers..You can also try giving them a plate or area on their highchair and ask them to put the food they don't want in it. This can help give them another focus at mealtimes.

Just be consistent and patient, it won't last forever!

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