Guest Post - Yoga in Pregnancy and the Postnatal Period

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to exercise during pregnancy. A gentle, safe way of keeping toned and supple without strain, keeping aches and pains at bay, energy flowing, relaxing mind and body, preparing for the physical demands of childbirth and motherhood.

We recommend beginning classes following the 14th week of your pregnancy and continuing throughout, once or twice a week, ideally in order to gain maximum benefit.

A minimum of 6 classes enables you to acquire a basic understanding of the main techniques. The benefits of yoga increases in proportion to the woman’s familiarity with the techniques taught, and familiarity comes through repetition and variation on a core range of practices.

As a general rule, all our classes offer an integrated mix of breath work, postures and relaxation. It involves holding postures passively for sustained periods, encouraging softness, deep internal release and developing flexibility. The dynamic movements focus on strength, stamina and toning muscles. By bringing both the passive and dynamic postures to our practice we become calm and energised, increasing our healing potential, promoting harmony, and improving overall vitality.

One of the best things about our classes is the final relaxation when you get a chance to really let go and re-connect with your baby over a 10-15 mins talk through relaxation – all the mums love this, for some it’s the only chance they get to really let go!

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Did you know you are entitled to paid time off work for pregnancy yoga classes? See details here.

Postnatal Yoga mother and baby

The postnatal period is a very special time for mother and baby and also this period is one of great change and adjustment. During this time a woman is vulnerable to stress and strain on many different levels, so postnatal yoga is gentle and therapeutic. The emphasis is upon nurturing and support, at a physical level the practices are designed to promote ease and comfort, stabilizing the pelvis, toning the abdominal region, and supporting the lower back.

We take a relaxed approach, so during the class you’re always welcome to take time out to feed, change or play with your baby.

Please visit our website to see the benefits of postnatal yoga and to Download our brochure for postnatal recovery.

About Satya Yoga

Zena, Founder of Satya Yoga Oxford is a passionate teacher who discovered yoga over 10 years ago at the Sivananda Centre in the Bahamas in 2003, then spent a year teaching at the Sivananda Centre in Putney. When pregnant with her first baby, she decided to qualify with Birthlight ( and began teaching pre and postnatal yoga and is now on a 3 year British Wheel of Yoga Diploma course with Maarten Vermaase for general yoga classes.

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