Have you done your pelvic floor? - Guest Post by Keri from Fit and Healthy Mums

Bad night? Cabin fever? Hectic  schedule? Got that sinking feeling?

Did you know that exercise can help both the mind and the body during and after pregnancy?

A little gentle exercise has so many benefits; reduced anxiety, increased confidence, increased energy and stamina – who would say no to that!?

During pregnancy, exercise is positively recommended for you and your baby. How about reduced swelling, less gastro-intestinal discomfort, fewer leg cramps, eased backache, shorter labours, a quicker postnatal recovery? 

Many women worry that they may over heat or they may put too much strain on their body, in fact your body is so amazing that it makes many adaptions and your core body temperature actually reduces in pregnancy. Your body is just more efficient at expelling heat so you sweat more easily. Just make sure you follow the guidelines your midwife gives you, for example, no high impact activity or contact sports.

Once your bundle of joy arrives and you immerse yourself in this new world of caring for your baby, you and your needs are so easily forgotten – I know, this time last year I had 3 children under 4 years! However, making a little time for yourself is so important for your own well-being, step back and see what you have achieved and how well you are doing.

There are so many baby groups to choose from and you feel you need to cram everything in, but why not take one activity for yourself? The benefits of exercise are instant and you will feel energised and refreshed with a clear head. Not only will you be burning calories, working on that posture, strengthening your back and abs, the exercise will help to make those everyday tasks easier and ensure you are fit for the physicality of motherhood!

Attending an exercise class will not only help you physically, but it will also help your mind. Meeting other mums, being social, getting out the house are all positive for both you and your baby. Plus if you exercise outdoors, new research shows that you baby is likely to sleep better – yes please!

So, how do we put this in action? That’s where I come in! I set up Fit and Healthy Mums to make exercise fun, social and accessible to all. Fitness should work for you, fit in with your life and be enjoyable – plus not cost the earth.

I use exercise routines, suitable for your stage of the ‘motherhood journey’, which are easily adapted for your fitness level. They are effective, easy to do and you will feel great afterwards!!

Take a look at fitandhealthymums.com and see which option is right for you …… Fit4birth, Buggyfit, Springback or why not set up a private group for your NCT/antenatal group?

I look forward to sharing my passion for exercise and motherhood with you!

Keri x

Contact me at keri@fitandhealthymums.com 
For more information please visit www.fitandhealthymums.com 

"I am so glad I found you, this is just what I need – a specialist who has been there and understands the trials of pregnancy and beyond. I will be recommending you to everyone!"  – A current customer.