Home Essentials that make a Mother's life easier - Guest Post

According to a study expounded upon by the Telegraph, women spend just over 18 hours a week completing household chores. This number is less than half of what it was in the 1960s (44 hours on average), meaning that mothers now have more time than ever to spend with their toddlers. Indeed, parenting today is considerably different from past generations. The traditional parenting roles have disappeared, and the time saved on household tasks has allowed both sets of parents to spend more time with the little ones.

Let’s look deeper into the factors behind this drastic drop in housework over the last half of a century, and how thistime can be utilised by the modern day Mum.

A cultural shift in how we do housework 

The advent of electrical appliances has changed everything when it comes to household tasks. For example, heating food in the microwave instead of making a dinner from scratch every night saves hours of kitchen time every week. Dishwashers can also lighten the workload by eliminating the need to stand over a sink full of dirty pots and pans every evening. And when it comes to laundry, washing machines and dryers designed to reduce wrinkles help reduce the amount of time folding and ironing clean clothes.

Appliances that make life easier

Electrical appliances don’t just cut time when it comes to cooking. You can also find top-of-the-line cleaning appliances that do what your old gadgets do, only better. For instance, try one of those vacuum cleaners that transition seamlessly from carpeted flooring to hard surfaces. And the next time you search for a washer, try finding one that gradually increases the temperature of the water over the course of one cycle so that you can get rid of stains best treated in cold water in the same load as spots that need the warm water treatment. In addition to these household wonders, there also exist irons that double as pressure steamers to help you get rid of wrinkles faster and modern dishwashers that can handle even the most scorched pots and pans, eliminating the need to prewash before you put dishes in.

Smart gadgets - not just for play

When we throw around the word ‘gadget’, it’s usually used in the context of fun devices--such as a decked out sound system, remote controls that can preside over musical preferences and household temperatures or turbo-charged smartphones. But there are also household appliances so advanced that they feel otherworldly. For example, Huffington Post reported last December on a refrigerator designed by LG that tracks particular diets for each member of your family that can help everyone either lose weight or stay fit--no more planning family dinners for you!

The same company has also developed a vacuum cleaner that runs without you; it operates based on a remote controller that you can use from your smartphone. What’s even more incredible is that this vacuum also has a camera that gives you a view of the floor so that you can see how well it cleans.

When it comes to balancing your duties as a mother, your career and the necessary free time that you need to take for yourself, getting these home essentials could make all the difference.

Even though the time spent on household tasks is only a fraction of what is was 50 years ago, modern technology implores us to keep going--until we can focus nearly all of our free time on what really matters, and nothing quite compares to spending time with your toddler, so here’s a run down of some fun activities to try:

1. Play play play - Whether it’s playing with your baby’s favourite cuddly toys, or impersonating the tickle monster, or introducing your baby to a friends little one - make sure you dedicate some time to play with your baby. It can be crucial for your child’s emotional, physical, social, and cognitive growth.
 2. Picnic fun – Take the time to get down to your local park and relax with the little one, whilst watching the world around you.
3. Reading time – It’s never too early to read to your child, and it is proven to help the development of language skills. Maybe even consider taking a trip to the bookshop. Many of these have great kids sections where you and your children can make yourselves at home.
4. Let’s dance – Why not introduce your baby to your music tastes? It’s proven that babies not only gravitate towards music, but they also move to the beat. It’s also great for developing a baby’scoordination.
5. Meet the animals – Babies love seeing animals. A trip to a petting zoo or just introducing your baby to a friends pet can be a lovely and experience.
6. Take a dip – Taking your baby for a swim can be very fun for both parties. Whether it’s going on course, or simply teaching your baby yourself, it’s good exercise to stay healthy.
7. Get arty – Let your baby express itself from a young age by getting arty. You can paint footsteps or simply paint common objects.