How to survive Christmas with a little Bambino!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, especially when you have children!  It is exciting and busy, lots of celebrating and lots of socialising!  Our little bambinos have to fit around all of this and it can become stressful!  Trying to make sure they eat and sleep when they need to!  We have a few tips on how you can survive this Christmas period with your little ones and still have a great time!

1. Make sure you go into Christmas feeling as relaxed as possible!

2. If you have a daily routine, try to be flexible with it. It is only for one or two days and you will be able to get it back on track afterwards.

3. Christmas dinner will often be too late for little ones, so give them some snacks or a small lunch to tide them over.

4. Let your child nap whenever they will, be it in the car on route or when out for a walk. If they don't sleep, don't panic, they will catch up on that sleep.

5. When they get tired they can be more challenging with their behaviour, have a few of their favourite foods or toys with you to tempt them away from misbehaving!

6. Make the most of all the extra family members around to help entertain them!  And enjoy a bit of time on your own with a lovely glass of mulled wine!

7. It is such an exciting day and little ones can be very over excited, from all the presents, all the people, all the attention and all the sugary foods!  They can be harder to get to bed after a day like this, so try to give them a longer, quiet wind down period.  A warm and bubbly bath and a quiet story before bed will hopefully do the trick! 

8. And most all ENJOY the day with your families!