Is it ok to be sleep deprived as a mum?

A woman said to me today that she expects to always be tired and not get a full night sleep because she is a mum! She has a 19 month old that wakes a number of times in the night. Is that really true? How many of you believe that? Sure, the early weeks with a baby involve a lot less sleep than you are used to and there are times when little ones are teething or poorly that will definitely impact your sleep.

However, it not true that you have to go without sleep for months and months!  Babies can start to sleep for full nights as young as six weeks old!  Most babies are ready to sleep through by 16 weeks old.  Sleeping well is the most wonderful skill that you can teach your babies.  This can be done through gentle techniques, that will give them confidence in sleeping independently and always feeling reassured.  Babies and children can learn to love sleep and this will benefit both them and you for the enitirety of their childhood. We promise it is possible!