Newborn Essentials: How to prepare for your baby's homecoming - Guest Editorial

If you’re on the verge of parenthood for the first time, you’re naturally overwhelmed by the thought of giving birth and what will happen once your new bundle of joy arrives. Picking an appropriate car seat, buying the best brand of nappies; these can all present a deluge of challenges, particularly when there are so many options. Although you may be set when it comes to significant items such as changing stations, cribs, and buggies; like many new parents, you may be so focused on these details that you might overlook other new baby must-haves. Before you bring your newborn home for the first time be sure to have all the pertinent items that your child will need during his or her first few weeks of life.

You've probably been urged by other mums to buy a multitude of baby necessities, but you’ll quickly come to the realisation that most of these suggested articles are not immediately needed or are excessive extras that are unnecessary. You’ll also quickly learn that you may lack some vital newborn essentials. Before welcoming your baby home, be sure that you are aptly prepared with these baby products. 

Cleaning Up After Baby

As much as we’re in love with our precious little ones, we soon realise that they make more of a mess than someone of their size should. No matter if it’s food, sick, or other body-related functions, your newborn will constantly need changing. To save you washing every day and to give your washing machine a break, ensure you have plenty of baby undergarments such as bibs, 
muslin clothes, and baby gros and sleep suits. All of these baby products are available in an assortment of colours, patterns, prints, and fabrics, and retailers like M&S sell them in multiples. 

Feeding your baby

No matter if you opt to breastfeed or plan on giving your infant formula, tools used to assist in infant feeding are momentous items that are definitely needed. Though you may have received the usual items like blankets and muslins, there are a plethora of useful supplies that will prove helpful during your child's feeding. Mothers desiring to breastfeed should invest in breastfeeding items such as comfortable breastfeeding bra, breast pads (disposable or washable) and possibly a reliable breast pump. Mothers who decide to formula-feed their wee ones should make sure they have more than enough teats and bottles, and sanitary items such as a bottle brush and steriliser. 
Nappies and Changing Station 
Most mothers will advise you that you can never, ever have too many nappies and baby wipes. New mums will most likely go through a variety of different brands, since they don’t know what brand works well with their baby’s skin and baby’s body shape. There is also the decision of whether to go with disposable or washable nappies . Be sure to buy a changing table with lots of storage as you would not believe how many accessories you will need for such a small person!