Our 1st Birthday Party!


Our first birthday party was an amazing success! We had a great turn out and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! In fact it was two hours of Bliss! We had 38 children and babies attending and for the whole two hours we didn't hear one of them crying, whinging or whining. All we heard was the sounds of children at play, laughter and chatter! It was wonderful!

We had set up activities around the room to keep all the babies and children occupied so that their parents could enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee and some uninterrupted cake! Our craft table was a real hit, with the little ones decorating photo cards to take home with them. There were some fabulous cards created and some lovely ones gifted to us for our birthday from the children too.

It was so lovely to celebrate with so many of the families that we have worked with and also some of our nearest and dearest, as without them we would have never come this far.

As many working mums know, juggling a family, home and children is challenging and we couldn't do it without the support our family and friends have provided. It is safe to say if any of you knew where myself and Sophie have had some of our business meetings, you would be astonished! Car parks whilst handing over each other's children, doing our weekly shop, in chaos with three children running around the playroom, sat in the car after events and I think the best was whilst in the swimming pool in half term! But we have learnt to be very productive in the least likely places and make the most of any quiet moment to catch up on things!

Wow what a year it has been! We have had the pleasure of working with so many fabulous families, in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, London, Warwickshire and Northampton. We have prepared many couples for the exciting journey into parenthood and eased them gently into the arrival of their new baby or babies. And many of our parents have achieved some amazing results with their little ones sleep, thanks to their faith in us, hard work, consistency and dedication to making a change! It is safe to say that there are now many blissful bambinos out there and many amazing, confident, empowered and blissful parents too! And we feel very honoured and proud to be part of that.

We love the world of Blissful Bambino and are really excited about seeing it grow even more over the next year!