Our Baby Cafe Experience

There are many Baby Cafe's around the country offering expert advice and support to breastfeeding mums. It's a relaxed and sociable environment to access experienced health professionals to support you on your breastfeeding journey.

Sue Richards has been a midwife for many, many years and she was my inspiration to become a midwife when I met her when I was just thirteen years old! Sue is now retired from midwifery and enjoying life as a grandmother to four! But she continues to support the Baby Cafe and provides her expert services as a Lactation Consultant to the women of Abingdon.

It was Sue that approached us to lead a session on sleep at the Baby Cafe, as it was a topic that many of the mums had questions about and wanted some advice with their little ones sleep.  We were thrilled to go along and meet them!

We were there at North Abingdon Children's Centre for an hour and half and between us managed to speak to eight mums about their little ones sleep habits. Their bambinos ranged 
from 11 weeks to two years old. For many of the mums they wanted ressurance on what techniques they were already using and for others, some tips on how to improve daytime naps and night time waking. A lot of the advice we gave consisted of giving the mums confidence in how to respond to their babies and toddlers and of course explaining that the key is consistency. 

Not all sleep issues can be overcome in this setting, but for those mums that would like more hands on support and more tailored plans, we can provide that on a one to one basis and in their own homes.

We have already had some very positive feedback from some of the mums on our facebook andtwitter pages.  We hope to return to run another session at the Baby Cafe in the future if the mums feel that it will be of benefit to them.  So please feel free to leave feedback here on our blog too as it will all be fed back to Sue.  Thanks so much for having us Baby Cafe!