Quality Bambino Time

Being a mum or dad is a full-time job!  Babies and children require a lot of your time and energy.  Add to this the challenge of a career and/or day to day chores and you have a tricky juggling act on your hands.

We are often contacted by parents needing advice on their children’s behaviour.  All children have tantrums and misbehave at some point. This is normal and it does not make you a bad parent.  The best way to deal with unwanted behaviour is to ignore it and then provide your child with praise and attention when they are behaving well.  There of course are other ways to discourage bad behaviour and we work with parents and children to find the right techniques for them.

Tantrums can stem from frustration from not being able to communicate or from not getting what they want.  Tantrums and bad behaviour can also be an attention seeking process and many parents will be able to relate to this. You are trying to catch up on your emails for work or you are attempting to catch up on the washing, and that is the time your little one decides to throw a tantrum or start misbehaving!

Children thrive on praise and attention and of course you can not provide this to them all of the time.  However, within your busy day, make time at least once in the day to sit down and do an activity with your child.  Make this as fun as possible and if they are anything like my little girl, as messy as possible!  Spending good quality time with your little one is so important for them and for you. It can help them feel appreciated, prioritised and more confident in themselves.  Also being creative is a great outlet for children’s emotions and allows them to express themselves in ways they don’t consciously consider.

Something children love is ‘messy play’ and you can take this as far as you wish. It could be doing some painting and drawing.  Or you could be creative with play-doh or plasticine.  And if you are feeling really adventurous, you could try jelly and rice crispies mixed up in a sandpit base or spaghetti and whipped cream!  Make sure you cover your floor though!  And have fun with them, 
laugh and mess around and you will end up enjoying it too!