The Changing Seasons


Now we have this cold spell of weather that is allegedly meant to be with us a fortnight, it inspired me to write a blog about the way we think about the seasons and dressing our babies and children in the winter.

With small babies, we often use all in one snow suits, hats and blankets whilst out for a walk; at the toddler stage it's all about keeping them warm, but not restricting their movements so they can be free to toddle around enjoying their environment; with the preschool age child it's about encouraging independence whilst making it as simple as possible for them to manage their own clothing; and finally the school age child that often wants to be independent has found that sometimes it's easier if someone else does it!

Keeping hats on babies whether its the summer or winter, is something that most of us as parents have found tricky at times! A good tip is to pop it on their head from behind them so they aren't aware of it going on. You may only gain a couple of seconds before you see their hands reaching up to their head to remove it, but it's worth a try! And then there are the gloves and mittens!  That is an amusing moment when you are trying to encourage little wriggly fingers into the right place whilst gently easing on a glove only to find the spaces don't quite match the fingers.....all in the name of winter fun! 

So, whatever the weather is doing, make sure that you are well equipped with age and stage appropriate clothing for your little one as this will mean more fun, less tears and warm and happy Bambinos!