The School Run

As a mum to school age children aged 5 and 10 years, I have been doing the school run for a fair few years now. There is something really lovely about standing waiting for your child to come out of school, full of chatter as to what they've been up to and often clutching a junk model construction made out of cereal boxes, straws, tin foil and bottle tops! Or perhaps their offering may be a beautiful painting or drawn picture using crayons or felt pens. I've leant from working with many children over the years to never assume what a picture is of! If you ask 'is that a bonfire?', and it's not, you could be met with a rather indignant reply! Use open ended questions would be my advice! 

Then as you head home you begin to hear how their day has unravelled, whether its who helped who, or who sat by who, these are all very important details in your child's world. Often when you hear an amusing story or perhaps a tale that might of taken a slightly different turn, you smile and think how life seems through the eyes of a 5 year old.

Of course one of the questions that most of us parents ask at some point is 'so,what did you do today?', only to be met with the response of 'nothing Mum!!!'

The school run can be a very sociable opportunity for parents to get to know each other, help each other out with the collecting of friend's children, and generally that 'knowing' look that you give to each other on a Monday morning when you realise you have forgotten to remind your child it's their showing assembly and you don't have time to nip back home to collect their prized possession they were intent on showing to the entire school....yep,most of us have been there and done that! Got to love calendars as a parent!! 

It's a time to make wonderful life long friends, that are possibly experiencing the same or similar situations that you might be going through, stages and phases with their children that ring a bell when you chat, and most importantly it's the ability to relay home life to school life and vice versa ,that will make a huge difference to your child's confidence and enjoyment levels.

Make the most of it as you won't be doing it forever!