The Slummy Mummies of Witney

Over the past few months we have offered a few groups in Oxfordshire and Berkshire the opportunity to have a complimentary question and answer session with ourselves.  You can spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on advertising, but we have definitely found the best way for spreading the word for a personal service such as ours, is word of mouth and personal recommendations.

One of the groups that took us up on our offer, was the Slummy Mummies of Witney, whom we met with last night.  There were ten lovely slummies awaiting us when we arrived and the evening got off to a fabulousy relaxed start, with them making us very welcome.  These slummies are clearly great friends and all met at either pre or postnatal courses in their local children centre.  And they certainly know how to have a good giggle and support each other through the good and bad times!

We had a wonderful evening discussing their little ones sleep issues (their babies range from 10-12 months), how to start to teach them between right and wrong, little ones pushing the boundaries, moving onto cows milk at a year old, drinking cups and beakers, eating and much more.  It was such a great environment, lots of laughter, lots of chatter and a few tears, not caused by us I better point out!  But being a mum is such an emotional rollercoaster and when you feel you aren't being supported or getting consistent advice on this journey, it can become overwhelming.  This is something that we are looking to overcome with all the families that we work with.

One of the slummy mummies came up with a brilliant suggestion at the end of the evening!  They felt that the evening had been so beneficial to them and they loved the environment being so sociable with their close friends, that they would like us to return to do another session when their bambinos are a little older.  So the suggestion of 'Blissful Bambino Parties' was put forward, which would provide groups of mums a sociable environment to discuss any parenting issues they wish and acquire lots of tips and advice from ourselves.  

We think this is a brilliant idea and are going to launch these parties straight away!  So if you are a group of friends and fancy a sociable evening discussing your little ones and any concerns you may have, then contact us today!