They grow up too fast!

Life as parent can be a little busy and crazy!  It is a definite juggling act of your children, work, friends, home and more!  Life flies by us all when we are not looking.  But when you have children it seems to go so much faster or is it just that you can quantify every day by another change in them!  Children do change so quickly, whether its one of the big milestones like starting to crawl or a new word or sentence, they are all so important and moments that should be cherished. How many of you wish they didn't grow up so fast?  

It only feels like yesterday that my little lady was born and she is about to turn two next week!  I really don't know where the time has gone, but I do know that I have enjoyed every moment of her.  She is now chatting away, very rarely do we have a quiet moment in our house!  And she has become a little girl, she is strong willed and spirited, and has the most amazing sense of humour!  She is also a huge Olly Murs fan and as soon as 'Dance with me tonight' plays she gets her dancing shoes on and goes for it!  She has a really good wiggle and makes my heart melt every time.

With life being so busy it is easy to take our bambinos for granted, but we need to remember that we only get them to ourselves for a short while and we have to make the most of it!