Tips for arrival of baby number two

Another tip requested from one of our mums on our facebook page and hopefully this will help all of you expecting baby number two. How best to manage the first few weeks with a new baby and toddler. Children are very resilient and it tends to be the mums that suffer the most, by the fact you feel so torn and guilty about now sharing your time and attention with two children. But remember having a sibling is a very positive change and they will adapt! And so will you! You will find you can share your love and time.

Many toddlers will be keen to keep your attention and engage any visitors to your home, so before people do visit ask that when they come in they say hello to your toddler first and give them the initial attention. A baby doesn't mind not being addressed first, but a toddler does! 

Also if visitors are bringing gifts, many of them tend to also treat the older child and this can be positive too in helping them feel special. You can also give them a gift from the new baby and explain to them it is because they are a big brother or sister.

It is very common for children to revert back to younger behaviours when a new baby arrives, for example, if they are recently potty trained they may start having accidents. This is common and normal and doesn't tend to last too long, just try not to draw too much attention to it, be patient and give them lots of reassurance.

One of the best things you can do is make them feel involved in looking after the baby. Ask them to pass you the wipes or a nappy and praise enthusiastically when they do help. On the other hand don't force their involvement, let them take the lead.

For when you are feeding your new baby, have ready made a small bag with some new books and exciting toys or activities in it and only get this out when siting down to feed. This will help keep them entertained during the feed. You can also encourage them to feed their teddy or doll if they want to.

Most of all try and enjoy this special time and just be patient with them and yourself as it will all fall into place and settle down to your family being four and happy! X