Tips on the Buggy Battle

We have been asking parents on our facebook page to tell us what they would like tips on this week. So we will post these tips on here too!

We were asked about how to manage a toddler that won't get into their pushchair, but won't walk either. A challenge faced by many, getting into car seats is another common one!

All toddlers will start to show signs of wanting to be more indepedent at some point. This is a normal part of their development and where possible it should be nurtured and encouraged. However their new found independence can make certain activities more challenging.

Here is a suggestion on how to deal with the refusal of getting into the buggy!

The most important thing about dealing with this situation is being consistent and not letting it become a battle. I know it can be easier to give in when they are kicking their legs and screaming when you are trying to sit them in the pushchair, but stick to your guns! Give in once and they know that behaviour works! Remember to remain calm throughout this process, you are the one in control and they are just testing your boundaries. Tell them it's time to get into the pushchair and make it sound exciting, tell them where you are going and talk to them whilst getting them in. Sometimes this can be enough distraction that they will get in without a problem.

If this isn't enough and they arch their back and start refusing, then move to use a greater distraction, keeping your tone light when telling them about it. For example, continue to start the process of putting them in and offer them your car keys to hold or point out a plane in the sky. Use any form of distraction, but make sure whilst doing this you have achieved getting them strapped in. Then get the pushchair moving quickly and chatting about something else to engage them. Always using interesting and light hearted tones in your voice.

With getting toddlers to walk, again lots of encouragement and make it exciting and engaging. Give them a focus, for example, lets walk to that red car and see what else we can see when we get there. Distraction is a very useful tool here too, pick a flower with them, point out a dog walking past, it helps take their mind off that they didn't want to walk. But do remember little legs do get tired easily, so when they have walked a distance give then lots of praise.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on trying the above! It will work, we promise, it may take a little time for those used to throwing a tantrum and then getting out of the pushchair or car seat, but stick with it!