Transferring a sleeping baby

Tip of the Week from our Facebook Page! So many parents ask us about how to transfer babies successfully when asleep from one place to another. They often fall asleep with motion in the pram, car seat or your arms and you then want to be able to settle them into their crib or cot. 

A baby's sleep cycle is about 45 minutes long and a toddler's about 60 minutes long. A baby has two states of sleep - light and deep sleep. The light sleep will be the first 10-15 minutes and the last 10 minutes and during this time your baby will be easily woken. As your baby is falling into a deep sleep they may experience a 'jerk' or 'startle' and this can often wake them. This is a normal reflex and can be helped by swaddling them. It's the middle 20-25 minutes when your baby is in it's deepest sleep and this is the best time to move them to where you want them. Make the transition slow and steady and always placing their head down last.

Sweet dreams xxx

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