Trying to have it all!

I wanted to be a midwife from the age of thirteen and never considered any other career. Ever since qualifying I have loved my job. I was one of those rare people that looked forward to going to work. I have always worked in the community, so I was lucky enough to know the women and their families from 10 weeks pregnant through to 2 weeks after their baby had been born. I often had the great honour of helping bring their babies into the world at our wonderful Maternity Unit and also looking after women during subsequent pregnancies too. So when I fell pregnant with my daughter, I always assumed that I would return to the job I love so much, after a year off for maternity leave.

Then in February 2011, my gorgeous baby girl arrived in the world and my life was turned upside down, in a good way! Suddenly nothing else mattered and I could never imagine ever being parted from her. I loved being a mum and really couldn't believe how much. No one can describe it to you; you have to experience it to know!

The other issue I had to face with going back to work was trying to cover my daughter for my on-calls, which lasted 24 hours at a time and I could be out for the entirety of it. This was going to be near impossible with my husbands working hours. 

So, I decided I would take a little longer off work to consider my options. I knew I didn't want to lose my skills and registration as a midwife, which means having to work at least 450 hours as a midwife in a three year period. I also felt that as a midwife working in the NHS, we were getting less and less time to spend with women and their families, which I found frustrating. 

With our concept of a parent's support service coming together and really wanting to have time constraints removed when supporting families, we decided we would commit to launching Blissful Bambino. And as any of you that have created your own business know, this takes a lot of time, effort and money. And of course on top of this, I had a toddler to look after and entertain on a full time basis. I know many mums manage both work and young children full time, but it's so tough sometimes! But I wouldn't have it any other way, I wanted to be with my daughter and also get Blissful Bambino off the ground. Oh and I am also working as a midwife too, keeping up to date and banking my hours!

I do feel like I am trying to have it all and occasionally I wonder if I have taken on too much. But when I am home with my lovely little lady, or in a families home supporting and helping them overcome their challenges or in a clinic looking after pregnant mums, I realise it is wonderful to have it all and that keeps me going. I feel passionately about all of my jobs and do them all to the best of my ability. I am sure that I may need to invest in some better anti-wrinkle creams and visit the hairdressers more often to get those grey hairs covered up, but it really is worth it!

Are you a working mum and how do you find it? Do you run your own business and manage that with your children at home? I would love to hear your experiences and any tips that help to keep it all balanced and you sane!