We Are Still Here!!

Hello to all our lovely readers! We are so sorry we haven't blogged for such a long time. We have been so, so busy with so many new and existing families! And of course supporting them is our priority, but you are very important to us too! So we wanted to tell you we are back!

It has been a very successful few months, helping our families overcome sleep issues with a whole range of ages, from 12 weeks to three years old! We have had some fabulous results with our families, thanks to the hard work and dedication the parents have put in! Well done, you know who you are!

Along with the sleep issues, we have prepared many parents for the exciting journey of labour and birth and The arrival of their newborn or newborns. We have also supported parents with their daytime routines and naps and overcome some food challenges too!

We are also now busy planning our 1st Birthday Party, which is happening on the 9th November. We can't believe we have been up and running for a year now, what an amazing journey it has been. And what a learning curve too! Neither myself or Sophie are business minded, we just wanted to help and support families, however, we have learnt about building websites, managing and growing social media, running events, advert ising tools and so much more! And we are still learning! But we are so proud of what Blissful Bambino has become. It has grown quicker than we imagined and we have even discussed employing someone else to work with us in the next year. Exciting times ahead! But for now we want to thank you all for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy the little world of Blissful Bambino.

We look forward to sharing photos from our party with you!

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