Welcome to our new blog!

Hello and welcome to our new blog!

We have recently set up Blissful Bambino our Parents Advisory Service. We have been talking about launching this business for a number of years, but as we are both mums ourselves it has taken some planning around our little ones and our other work too! We both feel there is a real need for a personalised one to one service that will provide support and advice to parents with many common challenges, such as feeding or settling your baby, establishing good sleep patterns and coping with behavioural challenges, like tantrums. It is so beneficial if that support takes place in your own home and the advice is specifically tailored for you and your baby or child.

I am a midwife and have been working for the NHS for the last nine years. I love my job, it is so rewarding and so wonderful to work with families, preparing them for the arrival of their baby and then helping them bring that baby into the world. I have always worked in the community so I have had fantastic continuity with the families I have worked with and have supported and advised those families postnatally on feeding and caring for their newborn.

Sophie qualified as a Nursery Nurse twenty years ago and has worked in the management team in nurseries and as a Nanny in parent's homes during this time. Sophie is very passionate about her work, she is enthusiastic and very personable. Within her role as a nanny she has advised and supported many parents with common challenges such as sleep and behaviour issues. 

We both love working with families.  This is why we have created our service, we have blended our skills and knowledge to be able to offer a service from pregnancy through to your child turning seven! We can provide the whole package! There is no need for parents to be going without sleep or feeling stressed about routines or banging their heads against a brick wall when dealing with tantrums. We can help you and make your family life more enjoyable!

Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs, including some great tips and events we are running and taking part in.