Blissful Bambino are brilliant! After just a couple of hours after first contacting Blissful Bambino Faye was able to come to our house, in my hour of need!!

I had initially asked for support with feeding which Faye did brilliantly making sure that I was comfortable and confident in what I was doing. We then realised that we had a whole list of questions which Faye answered giving us advice & ideas also.

I think Faye’s calm and friendly manner and wealth of knowledge is truly invaluable. Keep up the amazing work ladies! :-)
— Vicky - February 2013
We can’t recommend Blissful Bambino enough! Their fantastic advice and ongoing support could not be more appreciated!! Thank you so much Sophie and Faye - you are both amazing! X
— Kathryn - October 2013
Faye is a baby whisperer! She visited me when my daughter was 14 weeks old and never napping during the day for more than 25 minutes although she was clearly tired. She showed me a few techniques and now she naps for at least 45 minutes each time - great for me and her too!

Faye is knowledgeable and I learnt loads in the short amount of time I spent with her. Highly recommended!
— Pippa - March 2013
I can’t thank Faye and Sophie enough. Their help with breast feeding and techniques to help my baby sleep have been invaluable and very successful.

Their approach is kind, thoughtful, patient, reassuring and confidence giving. They take time to understand mother and baby and provide advice and suggested techniques completely tailored to you. Their telephone support afterwards is also fantastic.

All in all their help has made me a much more confident mother which makes for happy baby, happy mother and happy father.
— Nicola - March 2013
When our beautiful baby girl was born it was without doubt the happiest and proudest day I could imagine. My wife and I now had our own little family and we could not be more excited to take our daughter home. Everything was perfect and our daughter was even sleeping through the night after just three weeks - this seemed far too easy!

Over time though our daughter started to wake during the night and my wife and I wanted to know if there was anything we could do to help improve things as we do like our sleep!

We were recommended to contact Blissful Bambino and it was the best thing we could have done - they have been nothing short of fantastic.

From the moment Sophie came to our home she made an immediate bond with our daughter and the advice and support she has given my wife and I has been invaluable.

The confidence that my wife and I now have when putting our daughter to bed and techniques we have learnt is all down to Sophie and if we do run in to any problems, Sophie is always there via an email or text message to help.

I would recommend Blissful Bambinos to anyone!
— Jon - October 2013
We contacted Blissful Bambino as we were having trouble with our 4month old son Harrison and his lack of productive day time napping which was leading to a grumpy boy and screaming every afternoon.

After chatting to Faye she came to visit us at his bedtime as it seems the main issues stemmed from there and we didn’t even realise.

The impact she has made on our lives has been instant and we already have much calmer bedtimes, we don’t need to go in to him anywhere near as often and are now developing better daytime napping habits. Of course we still have off days but it’s really reassuring to know that Faye is at the end of the phone to help and offer new ideas to try.

We would definitely recommend Blissful Bambino to anyone, as despite the fact there are so many books and websites out there, they do not know your individual child and unless they meet them they cannot always find the right solution for the family, which I believe has made the real difference.
— Kirstin - February 2013
Sophie has helped me with both children, but specifically with my second child since she was around 6 months old. Sophie understands all aspects of child and baby care, and has helped me manage the transition from one to two children, in addition to advising me on getting my baby to sleep through the night (took 2 nights!) Sophie is approachable, kind and understanding and maintains her sense of humour whatever, which put everything into perspective.

Both Sophie and Faye have children of their own and their advice comes from a balance of experience and instinct. Their advice always puts the needs of the children first and is gentle and effective.

I would not hesitate to recommend them both.
— Jessica - October 2012
At five and a half months my daughter was ready to move into her big cot and into a sleeping bag from swaddling. At this point she was still breastfeeding and using this to go to sleep.

I felt anxious about how I was going to tackle all of these changes, but Sophie gave me the confidence to achieve them.

As a team we decided I would do them all at once instead of lots of smaller changes. This was made less daunting by having my hand held throughout the process. It didn’t take long for my daughter to start going to sleep independently and settling herself if she stirred in the night.

It was such a empowering experience and having a detailed plan really helped. I am so glad I stuck with the sleep training advice, as Sophie always says ‘consistency is key’. I’m also thrilled that I could take a softer approach and still get great results
— Susan - November 2013
My newborn son would only sleep in my arms, this made the first few weeks very tough and leaving me even more tired. I had tried swaddling him in the early days, but he always got out of the swaddle blanket and so I thought he didn’t like to be swaddled. I was wrong! I wish I had swaddled him from day one, but once it was suggested to try it again by Sophie when he was ten weeks old, what an amazing change!

Faye showed me how to swaddle him correctly and it was tighter than before. He was then so much more settled, instantly slept independently and for longer periods. It changed my life!
— Emma - November 2013
Sophie has a natural way with babies, she came to see us when I needed help with my third child, though I wish she could have been there for me for the first two!

Her methods to assist in their sleeping are simple and easy to adopt, she is wonderful at guiding you without pushing, and allows you to find the best way to ensure family harmony. Sophie helped my baby have his first night of sleeping through, it was as if someone had turned on his ‘sleep’ switch!

Thereafter, I followed her procedures and our entire family were happier for it. She is not only a fabulous mentor, but now a firm friend and I would recommend her without hesitation.
— Sarah - December 2013
“We called on Sophie’s help for both naps and night time sleep. I was fast losing hope that I would ever sleep or be able to put my son down for naps in his cot. From day one Sophie was warm and supportive and gave me a glimmer of hope that it really was possible to turn the tables and become in control of sleep. As well as helping with naps Sophie spent several nights with us to start the process of gental sleep training. It was amazing having someone support us so closely with something I had previously thought we just had to muddle through alone.... she kept me going when I would have given up. I can’t thank sophie enough for the changes she helped us make.”
— Laura - March 2014
We contacted Blissful Bambino when our two-year-old daughter continually refused to get dressed or leave the house, crying and shouting for over an hour whenever we insisted. This would happen even when the planned outing was to something she’d always enjoyed.

I had been suffering with postnatal depression since her birth and had so little confidence in myself that I struggled to give our daughter the security and boundaries she needed. I knew that my depression must be having an effect on her, but didn’t know how to manage things so that I could deal with typical-toddler boundary-testing.

Things got really out of control one day when I was really desperate to go out to see our friends, but our little girl threw an absolutely hysterical tantrum and even began trying to pull my clothes off. In the end I couldn’t face any more battles, so we just stayed at home on our own for most of the summer, with me becoming more depressed and isolated and our daughter becoming more insecure, controlling and angry.

I contacted Blissful Bambino on recommendation from a friend and was struck by Sophie’s warmth, kindness and professionalism. Her manner was wonderful with our daughter and inspired confidence in me that we could find a solution. Her suggestions were gentle but firm, with consistency as the key, and her focus was on empowering me and helping me to gain the confidence I needed to be assertive and in control. Just as helpful as the plan she developed was Sophie’s ongoing support. She held my hand by text while I braved the tantrums, and contacted me regularly to follow up. Just knowing she was there gave me the confidence to make the changes I needed to make, and very quickly we were out and about (and dressed) again! Truly life-changing!
— Kath - June 2014
I would (and do) recommend Blissful Bambino to everyone. Ever since my son was small we’ve had food allergy and eczema related sleep issues with him and as friends spoke about their children’s sleep patterns I felt as though I must be missing something or doing something wrong. At one point (when my son was waking every 40 mins during the night and needed cuddling back to sleep) I would while away the hours reading every available sleep guide on my kindle, but nothing would seem to stick. Finally after two years (and a particularly haggard appearance at a toddler group) a friend recommended Blissful Bambino to me and I as a ‘last resort’ dropped them an email.

I immediately warmed to Sophie, as did my son and from that first night I began to see a difference. The fact that Sophie took the time to understand me and my son and that there was never a plan set in stone and that we were led very much by what didn‘t distress my boy couldn’t have been more different to my experiences with sleep training books. personally I constantly question if what I’m doing as a mummy is right. So the support that Sophie gave and in helping me realise that I understand my son better than anyone she helped me see that (like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz) I had the strength and ability to help my son sleep independently all along, I just needed to realise it!

I think the term ‘life changing’ is banded around a lot but honestly this whole experience for me has been. If you have any cynicism, or can’t imagine that the ladies would be able to advise something that you haven’t already tried, or simply think it’s your lot in life to cope with a poor sleeper, please please put it aside and call them. I have a happier brighter boy who is no longer dependant on bottles or cuddles to sleep, I get more than an average 4 hours sleep a night and my husband and I actually get to spend some time together in the evening without one or both of us passing out from exhaustion. Seriously if you’re even considering it, just do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
— Alice - May 2015
William used to have a dummy whenever he napped and for bedtime, but it became an issue at 4 months when he kept waking in the night crying for his dummy to be put back in so we decided to eliminate it all together. Sophie showed us new techniques to soothe William to sleep, things we hadn’t considered trying ourselves or had been too scared to try. It was a long few weeks, but eventually William was going to bed without a fuss and was sleeping for roughly 12 hours a night. Sophie was at the end of the phone or email whenever I needed her support. She never judged when I was feeling frustrated and would come back with great advice on what to try next.

Our next challenge was getting William to nap in his cot during the day, as since we had removed the dummy we had to either go for a walk or drive to get him to sleep. Sophie was happy to come out to the house again, but with some great advice via email we managed to crack the napping and now he has two naps in his cot for roughly an hour a time. It has literally changed our lives and we know that had we not in touch with Blissful Bambino we would probably still be struggling with bedtime and day naps or would have given in and resorted back to the dummy. I cannot thank Sophie enough or recommend Blissful bambino enough to anyone that is having trouble with napping or sleeping. Thank you xx
— Melissa - June 2015
We asked Sophie to come round and help us get our little girl who is 14 months to sleep through the night. Grace was taking at least 4/5 bottles through night of tiny amounts of Milk to get her back of to sleep. I wanted this too stop as I knew she was doing it for comfort rather then hunger.

Sophie came and made us feel completely as ease. She gave us some invaluable advice. On the night Sophie stayed with us whilst we bathed her and did the rest of her night time routine. She was there on the 1st wake up call and showed me techniques on how to get Grace back to sleep with out giving in and giving her a bottle. It was important to us not to leave her to cry it out and Sophie respected that and gave us others ways on how to deal with the wake ups. After just one night Grace woke up less frequently and after one week she started to sleep through the night. She now goes to sleep from 7-7 and it feels great! We can’t thank Sophie enough! We thoroughly recommend Blissful Bambino.
— Natalie and Simon - October 2015
Faye is an Angel in Disguise!!! She has filled me with Love Energy and support through every tough night!!!

I was lucky enough to find and contact Faye when my little one was up and down every night and would sleep no more than 45 mins for a day time nap! ( I put this down to a 4 month sleep regression that went on and on and I finally realised I needed some support!)

Faye made me and my family feel at ease straight away! (Daunting having a stranger in your house during a bed time routine with a baby and a toddler). But at no point did I feel uncomfortable and we found plenty of time to chat and debrief over my squeaky floorboards!

The skills Faye provided me with have enabled me to support my little one to self settle and is now sleeping MUCH better, we haven’t yet found the finishing line, but I know it’s there!

The email support Faye provides is invaluable. I enjoyed sharing my successes and my tough nights with her! I highly recommend Faye and Blissful Bambino! xxx
— Claire - November 2015
Faye and Sophie provided excellent sleep coaching to us and our daughter Darcey and, literally gave us all our lives back! We had fallen into the trap of employing multiple sleep aids to get our baby to sleep eg. dummy, rocking her to sleep and feeding her a number of times during the night. Things escalated and the ‘routine’ started taking hours each night and hours after each waking. We were very much in despair. Faye did an exemplary job in reassuring me when I was at the end of my tether that ‘it would be ok’ and that things would get better. It was hard to accept her reassurance, but her skilful approach was successful and I dared to believe that one day we would all sleep again! Sophie came to our home to do the overnight sleep coaching with us as Faye had just recently had her second baby. Faye was the one which we had worked with throughout our pregnancy and in the early days and with whom we had a close relationship. Naturally we would have preferred for Faye to have undertaken the night support, but of course fully understood her personal situation. We need not have worried. Faye and Sophie work so closely together in a truly symbiotic relationship that having Sophie with us felt like she had known us forever! Faye had clearly given Sophie detailed debrief and she was very much on top of things. Sophie made the night time work a pleasure (well almost!!!) and we fully trusted and believed in her methods. Sophie also loves canine babies and will be delighted to cuddle and snooze with them through the night! After two nights of the ‘reassure and return’ technique Darcey took to it very well and a few days later achieved the incredible milestone of 7pm-7am. We were truly delighted with both ladies and what they have achieved for us and our family. We whole heartedly recommend them.
— Kate and Rolly - February 2016
We saw Faye for a day and night time sleep consultation. We wanted to be able to help our daughter to develop healthy sleeping habits, both at night time and through the day. Each time Faye has come to our home I have been left feeling so confident about the topics that have been discussed. What’s more, every time Faye leaves, our daughter also sleeps AMAZINGLY well! Our last visit was to help us break Poppy’s ‘catnapping’ cycle during the day which left us both feeling exhausted. During Faye’s visit we got Poppy to sleep within 13 minutes (she fell asleep all by herself and with minimal tears) and she then slept for THREE hours!!! She hadn’t done this since she was 8 weeks old! We can’t recommend Blissful Bambino enough and I always tell my friends about them. Thank you!
— Sophie and Tim - January 2016
We contacted Blissful Bambino for support with our 10 month old son’s sleep. I had been initially cautious of consulting a sleep specialist because we are very against harsh methods of ‘sleep training’, However during a telephone discussion, Faye quickly reassured me that any work we did to help our son sleep better would meet his emotional as well as his physical needs and continue to help him develop a secure and healthy attachment with us.

Faye spent three hours with us during our evening routine. As soon as Faye came in the door our son immediately warmed to her which was so reassuring for us all from the outset. Faye then took into account all our needs as a whole family and we decided on our goals and a plan to help our son sleep more confidently. I never felt pushed into doing anything I didn’t feel completely comfortable doing.

Faye ‘held my hand’ as we started the new routine immediately whilst she was there. It was so reassuring having her there to offer advice and see how our son responded. That night we immediately saw an improvement in his sleep and his confidence in sleeping by himself, not only that but I noticed he was happier in the day time too. Within a week of her visit he slept through the night for the first time in his life and within two weeks he was consistently sleeping through the night and napping well in the day!

Following her visit Faye kept in daily contact with us via email offering advice at every turn as well as emotional support. She has helped us manage his sleep through illness, teething and travelling. This has been invaluable and helped us feel confident and assured that we are doing the right thing for our son.

I can’t thank Faye enough for everything she has done for our family, it truly has been life changing. We have changed from the first time parents in survival mode to a confident family enjoying every day life!
— Laura - April 2016
It is fair to say that Sophie changed our lives. We had reached a point where our 7 month old boy hardly slept at all and we were all exhausted. We were nervous about trying any crying it out methods and wanted to use a more gentle approach. Sophie listened to all of our concerns and made the transition process to a better routine seem so easy. Our son responded quickly to her techniques and within less than a week was sleeping through the night and before long was napping well in the daytime too. Sophie is really likeable and personable and it was easy to have her around. We can’t recommend Sophie and Blissful Bambino enough - our only regret it that we didn’t seek her help sooner!
— Alex and Richard - May 2016
Our 16 month old wasn’t the best sleeper, but a nasty bout of chickenpox and lots of teeth appearing all at once pretty much meant that she not only had stopped sleeping, but had also stopped sleeping in her cot and on her own! Faye at Blissful Bambino was recommended to us, within a week Faye came to our home and helped teach us a fantastic easy routine to get our little one to sleep in her cot and sleep all night. The key was listening to the cues our daughter was giving us so we didn’t interfere with her settling herself, but responding if she needed it. Within a 24 hour period she was going to sleep on her own, in her cot and it went from taking 3 or 4 hours (before the consultation) to 15 minutes to get her to sleep. To say it has changed our lives is a cliché, but it really has because she is getting good sleep that she really needs and we now have some time to relax in the evenings! I urge anyone experiencing sleep problems with their babies or children to ask for help as it really does make such a difference to you all. Faye had all the right knowledge and practical support on both the day and through follow up emails to help keep us on the right path, it has been fantastic and I can’t thank you enough!!
— Katie and Mani - May 2016
We called on Faye when our little one was about 6 months old - we were in desperate need of help with sleep coaching as I was going back to work and our little one was still waking multiple times in the night; had a dummy that we wanted to get rid of; was still swaddled; and also needed to be cuddled and rocked back to sleep every time he woke. Needless to say I was pretty stressed out and exhausted by this point!

Faye was just wonderful, she came into our home and talked us through some things we would need to try to get rid of the swaddle and dummy and to start helping our little one learn how to self soothe and settle himself gradually. After a good chat through everything we decided to jump in and do it all at the same time to get it over and done with in one go!

Having Faye by our side gave us the confidence that we were doing things the right way for us and if something didn’t work then she helped us find something else that did. It took a couple of weeks of hard work and with us sticking to the routine consistently we saw such an improvement during this time, it was amazing.

Over the last couple of years we have been able to go ‘back to basics’ every time something would throw off bedtime routines or sleeping patterns, we were able to re-set things easily using the techniques we learnt and we have adjusted what we do under Faye’s help and guidance as our little one has gone from a baby to a toddler.
— Lynne and Steve - June 2016
Contacting Blissful Bambino was the best decision we’ve made for our little one. At the time our 6 month old was waking up 10 times a night, never napping for longer than 30 minutes and wouldn’t tolerate her cot. It could take 2 hours or more to settle her at bedtime or naptimes. We were exhausted and unsuccessfully co-sleeping, with a chronically overtired little one. We felt we had read every book on sleep there was, but nothing seemed to be helping.

From the very first email, right through to our initial consultation and follow up at home session, and the incredible email support, Faye has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty to help and support us as a family. She took a lot of time and care to really understand us and to get to know our daughter. Her natural insight and instinctive understanding of our little one in a short space of time totally amazed us! Faye is extremely knowledgeable and highly professional, but at the same time you feel as if you have gained a trusted friend. She has such warmth and a clear passion for helping you as a family, which shines through in every contact.

As a result of working with Faye, in less than a week, we had a miraculous transformation - our 6 month old was sleeping through the night, napping consistently for 45 mins to 2 hours and in her cot!! We still cannot believe the quality of life that Faye has given back to us. The email support to troubleshoot is incredible, and you honestly won’t find better value for money than Blissful Bambino.

With so many books on sleep and the internet full of advice, you might wonder if a sleep consultant can offer anything you don’t already know or can’t find out yourself. This couldn’t be further from the truth with Blissful Bambino. They go out of their way to understand and work with you as a family. They don’t offer a set technique for all babies as some sleep consultants do, but instead come armed with techniques and ideas which they tailor to suit your child perfectly. They don’t ever use controlled crying or cry it out techniques which was extremely important to us. And all of their support and help is done with so much love, attention and care, that you feel you have gained a friend and a confidant in the process.

So thank you so much Faye for everything you have done for our family. We are beyond grateful!
— Rachel and Clint - July 2016
Faye and Blissful Bambino were so very helpful and supportive in giving myself and my husband the tools and confidence to make positive and vital changes to our baby’s sleep. Faye helped us recognise what we were doing right and we made changes at our own pace, but quickly saw improvements. We are so pleased that we asked for their help when we needed it the most.
— Joanne and David - January 2017
We contacted Blissful Bambino when our daughter was 10 months old following many months of rocking/wrestling her to sleep, only for her to wake again 2 hours later (and repeat...). Waking 5 times a night to an upset baby and pacing the landing for hours was becoming increasingly stressful and with the prospect of going back to work looming we agreed on sleep coaching. Our wilful little girl was ruling the roost and this had to stop!

From the initial contact to meeting Faye, we were confident that Blissful Bambino’s techniques were gentle yet effective, this helped us to feel positive about our decision to sleep coach as we wanted to make subtle sleep changes at her own pace without using forceful and upsetting methods.

During the consultation at home Faye guided us through the first bedtime using the plan. When our daughter reacted in certain ways to the plan Faye provided ways to respond without hesitation and coached me through what to do next. Call it experience or intuition, but she was very in tune with what was happening and was a calming influence throughout. From the first night we saw results with our daughter waking just once instead of five times.

Whilst sleep coaching has at times been challenging, remaining consistent to the methods Faye showed us have undoubtedly helped us reap some fantastic rewards. Our baby now sleeps through the night consistently, goes to bed earlier and sleeps for longer, self settles herself to sleep at bedtime and throughout the night, and daytime naps are improving too! We absolutely love our new evening routine and glide through it with ease and enjoyment.

Blissful Bambino really turned things around for us and we are so appreciative of Faye’s help, advice and support throughout the three weeks we have worked with her. Thank you so much for everything!
— Emily - February 2017
Sophie and Faye at Blissful Bambino were recommended to us by a friend, who said they had transformed their family life. I was worried at four months it was too soon to try to change our baby boy’s sleep habits, but I’m so glad we sought help when we did. Sophie came to our house one evening and waved her magic sleep fairy wand! Our son has now gone from waking between 6-8 times a night, to consistently only waking up twice for feeds and then settles back immediately. It really has been transformative, and we now have the tools and confidence to work through any future issues with his sleep and will go back for more support in a heart beat if we need it. I couldn’t recommend Blissful Bambino more highly and am so glad to have found them.
— Gabriel - April 2017
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these two lovely ladies who helped my 9 month old to sleep consistently through the night. As a result our family life has been transformed! I only wish they has been around when my daughter was a baby!
— Beth - October 2013
I originally met Sophie at a drop-in session she and Faye ran at the Abingdon baby cafe. I’d gone along to the session because our son, Noah (then 6 months old) was really struggling with sleep and we were seriously struggling with sleep deprivation.

It was taking us several hours to settle Noah at night, he was waking every hour through the night, and he would only nap on my chest in the sling with me standing up... Not a sustainable situation long term!

Anyway. My friend said she’d heard that some “magic sleep ladies” were coming to the baby cafe so I was there like a shot! I warmed to Sophie straight away, and felt instantly comfortable talking to her about our problem.

A couple of weeks later, Sophie came to the house to watch us “do bedtime”. She spent a long time talking to us about what we wanted to achieve with Noah, and she listened so carefully to our wishes and preferences. I trusted her completely and felt confident that she would be able to help us.

Sophie gave us some fabulous, gentle and simple tips which we could put into practice straight away and we noticed the difference immediately. She also gave us confidence in what we were already doing and the things she said really boosted us at what was an extremely challenging time for us both.

After her visit, Sophie kept in regular contact with us by phone, and she was always available for additional support or to answer questions. With Sophie’s support and encouragement I also felt able to make the huge (for me) step to move Noah out of our bed, into his own bed and room at 7.5 months - and we have never looked back.

We now have a WONDERFUL, calm, independent sleeper (6.45pm - 7.15am) who is the envy of all our friends! Today he made me ever so proud: it was his second settling in session at the childminder’s, and he put himself to sleep for a two hour nap in a bed and room he’d only just seen for the first time! Amazing!

I can’t say thank you enough to Sophie, and would wholeheartedly recommend Blissful Bambino. I know I will have them on speed dial when potty training rears its head in our house! Thank you.
— Becca - April 2013
I would recommend Blissful Bambino to anyone who would like help with their little one. I felt my concerns with regards to my son’s sleep were listened to and expertly addressed. You will be given advice and hands on help but also feel empowered and reassured about your own skills as a parent.
— Rebecca - November 2013
We contacted Blissful Bambino when our 1 year old’s sleep had gone from bad to worse after a bout of illness. He had stopped being able to settle himself and would wake several times at night sometimes staying awake for up to 3 hours. We weren’t sleeping and our son had started to suffer from night terrors which was very upsetting to watch.

Sophie came to our house and watched our bedtime routine, constantly offering advice and reassurance. Within two nights he was settling himself to sleep and after a few days his night terrors stopped too. We all started getting a good nights sleep.

We have been in contact since getting advice and even with a big move up to Scotland we have the confidence we can help our son maintain his good sleeping pattern.
— Pauline - June 2013
After getting endless books out the library and going online we finally called Blissful Bambino at the end of our tether. Our daughter was 8 months old and not sleeping through and barely daytime napping. We were SO tired!

Faye arrived and immediately we felt at ease. Faye was friendly from the offset and Martha warmed to her immediately. With a relaxed, friendly approach Faye steered us gently towards getting Martha to self settle and sleep through the night.

The effect was immediate and the one-to-one style was personalised and well worth the money. We were very happy with the techniques and confident that we could contact Faye at any time after the initial consultation.

I have been singing their praises ever since and cannot thank Faye enough! It has changed all of our lives!
— Emma & Alex - November 2013
I employed the help of Sophie from Blissful Bambino, after constantly battling with my 3 and a half year old to get her to walk anywhere. I knew that I had made a rod for my own back, but circumstances were as they were and before I realised what problem I had created it had gone too far.

By Sophie’s guidance, support and wonderful advice we were able to get my daughter to walk and not begged to be carried!! It was hard initially and I know I couldn’t have done it by myself and certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it within the 3 days that Sophie managed it.

I cannot begin to tell you the difference it has made to my life. Walking to school is now a pleasure not a nightmare. Not having to use a buggy is absolutely brilliant. It has made such a huge difference to both of us and my back!! I am amazed! I also think that it has helped my daughters independence generally and her behaviour in lots of ways we are all so much happier for it.

I cannot begin to thank Sophie for her wonderful support and advice. I tell anyone that will listen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Amy - May 2013
We contacted Blissful Bambino on recommendation from a friend when our son was 12 weeks old. As first time parents with a challenging sleeper we were struggling with how to calm and settle him in the evening which had become a daily battle of crying and more crying.

Faye was able to come the very next day and arrived in time for our bedtime routine and ended up staying until 10pm when we finally got Jack to sleep! Faye’s approach was so personal both to us and Jack and she provided ideas and guidance through the evening which helped us understand how to change our routine to better suit Jack and how to start teaching him to sleep independently.

From that day I had my evenings back and despite hurdles frequently coming up we have the confidence to tackle them and an invaluable support in Faye.

The service has been a life saver for us and Faye is a real rock who is genuinely there to make a difference and checks in regularly to see how things are going and answer questions.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blissful Bambino to anyone.
— Vicky L - January 2013
When my 21 month old moved from a cot to a toddler ‘big bed’ she became unable to sleep on her own. Bedtime became very stressful for all of us and she would wake continuously throughout the night asking to come into our bedroom. It got to the stage where I was giving in every night and just didn’t know what to do - I felt I had tried everything!

I got in touch with Blissful Bambino and Sophie and Faye came to my home - we talked through the bedtime routine and they were on hand whilst I put my daughter to bed.

After my daughter was in bed, they gave me a plan of small changes that they felt would help my daughter settle at night and be more content in her own bed. That night my daughter slept through the night and hasn’t slept in my bedroom since!

I really recommend talking to Faye and Sophie to see if they can help you like they helped me. One simple visit has given us our bed back!
— Natalie - November 2012
When I first met Sophie I was struggling to get my 4 month old to nap at home as opposed to in the car or pushchair. Within 10 minutes Sophie had her tucked up in her cot and fast asleep! She has given the knowledge and confidence, which as a first time parent I felt I was lacking. Sophie has since helped me on numerous occasions and my daughter absolutely loves to see her. I could not recommend Blissful Bambino highly enough!
— Penny - January 2013
The lovely ladies at Blissful Bambino are absolutely brilliant and I cannot recommend them enough. Sophie has been instrumental in helping us transform our wonderful son into a confident sleeper. The difference is amazing....naptime and bedtime are now completely stress-free, we have our evenings back and our son is much happier, as are we all!
— Rosie - August 2014
“After more than 2 years of sleep battles, my wife and I were at our wits end - both emotionally and physically. We had tied ourselves in knots with various sleep tips and tricks, but Faye quickly sorted out our routines and more importantly - gave us absolute confidence that we were doing the right thing. It wasn’t a quick fix but over the course of a very challenging month, Faye was with us every step of the way and the results have been great. I would (and have already) highly recommend Blissful Bambino to any parent battling their kids sleep issues. Thank You Faye”.
— Jonny and Sarah - August 2014
“We were having trouble getting our 8 month old off to sleep anywhere but on me, or in our bed, since his 4 month sleep regression hit and we had had enough. The nights were hot, sticky and so uncomfortable and only one of us was getting any sleep, Little Dude. We decided to give Blissful Bambino a call, following a recommendation from a friend, and see if they could help. Faye came over and we were off. We had one stubborn baby initially, but the results were pretty much instant. Once Faye had got our little man to sleep, he stayed there only waking once during the night and going back down in his cot. This improved night after night and we really couldn’t believe the difference just 3 hours with Faye could make. All 3 of us were much more relaxed during the day and started enjoying time together much more. We had a setback when teething hit hard, but we continued with Faye’s advice throughout and, as soon as the pain eased, we were all back into the sleeping routine again. I would definitely recommend Blissful Bambino to anyone with an unsettled little one, Faye was amazing.”
— Claire and Darryl - August 2014
Blissful Bambino were brilliant and Sophie was able to help me and my baby from the moment she arrived. He continues to benefit from this advice and he is now a happy and independent sleeper who loves his bed- exactly the results I was hoping for. Sophie’s relaxed, friendly and professional manner immediately put me at ease and I felt completely comfortable talking to her. I would not hesitate to recommend Blissful Bambino to anybody. I will definitely be in touch again if I need any more advice or help. Thank you so much Sophie.
— Alex - April 2014
I cannot recommend Blissful Bambino enough! We worked with Faye and she has helped us change our lives and return our two year old daughter to her previously good bedtime routine. Their approach is very personal, they listened to us and came up with a gentle pan that worked very effectively and without any emotional upset for us or our daughter. Faye shared lots of ideas and our daughter loves her new routine, she suggested a light projector and even loaned us hers to trial. Thank you so much for making such a difference to our lives, ours is a much happier house again!
— Samantha - September 2014
We would like to say a huge thank you to Faye from Blissful Bambino, she has been such a huge help. My daughter was fed to sleep for the first year, then we managed to get her to go to sleep herself. When she was 2 1/2 last September we went on holiday and she was sleeping in a bed, but she would only sleep with one of us in the room with her. When we came home she refused to sleep unless I was sat next to her, this went on for 4 months and I was pregnant at the time and just exhausted, only getting about 3 hours sleep a night whilst sat on her floor! Faye from Blissful Bambino came out, and spent an hour or so with us before bedtime talking us through a new routine and giving us some sleep props. Then she stayed with us as we did the new bedtime routine. The first night my daughter was asleep within ten minutes (without one of us upstairs) and only up once in the night, but again back to sleep within 5 minutes! By the third night she was asleep on her own within 5 minutes and sleeping 11 hours a night. I can’t recommend Faye enough, she gave us back our happy little girl that was now getting a full nights rest. Now we have had our second child, bedtimes are a little bit of a struggle again, but we are using all of the tips that Faye gave us and we are seeing an improvement already. And I know if my daughter does struggle again Faye has given us the help and advice to get her right back on track. Thank you Faye xxx
— Sian - February 2015
I contacted Sophie after someone mentioned Blissful Bambino to me as my 2 1/2 year old was not sleeping through the night. She was waking numerous times and we got into bad habits. Sophie came to meet us all and my 2 girls adored her from Hello! Sophie got to see our bedtime routine and then we talked through everything. Sophie gave me some suggestions about how to make her more cosy in her cot as a starting point which had never crossed my mind! She also talked me through the different sleep training approaches we could use and which I would feel comfortable with. The changes we made had an immediate effect and we had the first few good nights sleep straight away. I was confident in the way I was going to deal with the wakings and after a few nights of doing this we have continued to have success. I am so so grateful to Sophie, the benefit has been enormous to us all and I only wish I had got in touch in sooner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blissful Bambino to anyone.
— Helen - July 2015
I first contacted Blissful Bambino when my baby was 10 months old and I was at my wits end regarding her daytime naps. At the time it was taking me up to an hour to get her to fall asleep for each nap and the process would involve many tears, back-arching and general distress. Once finally asleep her naps would sometimes only last 15 minutes. We were both increasingly exhausted and I had begun to dread each nap.

From my first telephone call with Sophie she made me feel instantly at ease. She was kind, friendly and supportive and through listening to my preferences helped devise a technique to help improve things. After just two visits - one bedtime and one daytime nap - my baby was falling asleep in her cot without me needing to hold her and with no real tears or distress. Over the next few weeks she was able to fall asleep, alone in her cot completely independently. Even more impressively she began to have around 3 hours of daytime naps a day resulting in a much happier baby.

I am incredibly grateful for the help and advice Sophie gave to us. I would advise anyone who is struggling to make contact with Blissful Bambino. I only wish I had done it months ago!
— Emily - April 2015
We contacted Faye when our 6 month old daughter was waking every hour through the night. We were hardly able to think anymore but Faye took time to listen to how things were and what we wanted to achieve and she helped us do it gently. She was full of helpful suggestions and always available on the email for support and ideas for ‘tweaking’ things afterwards. Our daughter now sleeps SO much better - thank you!
— Becca - April 2015
I can’t recommend Faye at Blissful Bambino highly enough! When I first met Faye my six month daughter would not sleep unless in bed with me and even then would wake every hour or so leaving me and my partner exhausted. With Faye’s amazing support and expertise she now sleeps in her own cot, in her own room and even sleeps through for at least 10 hours!! All this was achieved very gently and with no crying and distress to my daughter. As clichéd as it may sound, Faye has literally change our lives!
— Caroline - June 2014
As first time parents to twin girls we knew from the start that we needed help with sleeping - for all our sakes! We also knew that we didn’t want to use any of the controlled crying or cry it out techniques, so we were so pleased when we found Blissful Bambino. Sophie has been absolutely wonderful from the start. The night before Sophie’s first visit it had taken us 2.5 hours to get two overwrought 10 week olds to go to sleep. They were exhausted, but we didn’t know how to help them go to sleep and they just cried in our arms for hours, it was awful! The next day Sophie had them both asleep without any crying within 20 minutes using various techniques that never would have dawned on us. Stunned doesn’t even begin to cover it! The next night, armed with Sophie’s step by step instructions we were able to replicate what she had done. From that day onwards our little girls have been in bed sound asleep by 7.15pm at the latest. They have recently had bad colds and we thought it would knock things off, but they seemed to take reassurance and comfort from their familiar routine. We have had Sophie back a number of times now to help us progress the girls from swaddling and rocking to self settling and also to help with daytime naps.

I do not know what we would have done without her. We now have two little girls who at 5 months appear to associate bedtime with something positive and happy, which is exactly what we wanted. We will continue to seek Sophie’s advice as the girls get bigger and we encounter natural changes to sleep patterns etc. It’s always so lovely to see her and the girls are huge fans as well, always greeting her with smiles and giggles. All four of us would recommend her without any reservation.
— Katy - July 2015
When I contacted Sophie originally, I was literally desperate. My husband was still sleeping on the sofa after 10 months because I either had Gabe in our bed or I was up so often to feed him that he was getting no sleep either.

Two support sessions later and tonight I have just put Gabe in his cot, aid goodnight and walked out of the room and he will just lie there and fall asleep all by himself. I’ve been so excited about Gabe’s new ability to sleep and nap better that I have often texted or emailed Sophie at totally inappropriate times like 7am or on a Sunday or a Saturday night to share his progress and without fail I always get a reply! She is brilliant and has totally changed our lives. Gabe was napping so long this afternoon I had to wake him up, before Sophie I would have been lucky to get an hour to myself in the day! Now I’m expected to stay on top of the ironing and have a meal cooked for the evening. Cheers for that!!! She is so lush I am gutted we aren’t actually friends, but I continuously bang on about Blissful Bambino to anyone willing to listen!
— Anna - February 2016
When Sophie came to help us, Theo, who had slept through the night from 3 mths old until 6mths, was now waking every 2 hours. He was very cross both verbally and physically, with only breast milk and me able to settle him back to sleep. We were at the end of our tether! Sophie was very understanding of our desperation to sleep, yet strong desire and fear not to leave our boy screaming alone. She gave us the support and tools we needed to put him to bed awake and teach him to self sooth. Sophie helped us have belief and confidence to work together as a team to give our boy what he deserved, a great nights sleep! He now sleeps mostly 7 till 6.30/7.30. I have also noticed that after a good night’s sleep he naps a lot better the following day. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blissful Bambino.
— Chloe - March 2016
We are so pleased with the help that we have received from Blissful Bambino. James was almost a year old and still waking up several times a night. At this stage both of us were back at work on a full time basis and feeling overwhelmed with tiredness. Under Faye’s good guidance we were able to break James’ habit of having a couple of bottles during the night. He now has much better sleeping patterns and regularly sleeps through the night. We were impressed at how quickly we were able to establish the changes. All three of us are feeling much better as a result. We would totally recommend Blissful Bambino to anyone that feels they have completely lost all hope of ever getting a good night’s sleep ever again
— Sarah and Dan - February 2016
An absolute recommendation from us! When we contacted Blissful Bambino our 11 month old daughter was still waking up to breastfeed 4-5 times every night and we just couldn’t get her to nap at all during the day. It was also taking us hours every night to settle her. We were all exhausted and irritable and it seemed that every waking moment (of which there were many) was spent ‘trying’ to get her to sleep, leaving little time to spend with our eldest daughter.

From the very first phone call I felt completely at ease with Faye. Faye had a true understanding of the emotions I was going through as a breastfeeding mum, wanting desperately to improve sleep for the entire family whilst struggling with the emotions tied to breastfeeding and the conflicting desire to wean whilst not wishing to distress or upset my daughter. Faye was kind and supportive and gave us advice, which, when put into action, worked wonders in a very short timescale! Our nights improved significantly and after a second consultation a few months later, we now have a 15 month old who pretty much sleeps from 7pm to 7am most nights. Naps are also happening most days and as a family we are once again functioning on full speed, more rested and happy!

I can honestly say that we have found Blissful Bambino to be a godsend and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services to anyone in need of help and support. If we encounter any issues or concerns in the future, Blissful Bambino will be our first port of call - their advice and support has been invaluable.
— Rebecca - February 2016
I called Sophie for help in getting my 8.5 month old daughter to sleep through the night and for better day time naps. Within a week we’d achieved self settling at night and at nap time, as well as dropping the night time feeds. I was amazed the technique worked so well and so quickly and my daughter was happier during the day which is fantastic. My husband can also happily settle her down for daytime naps and bedtime.

It’s been over three weeks now and my daughter sleeps reliably for 11 hours at night without a feed and at least 30 minutes (usually an hour) during her three daytime naps. She even settled quickly on our first night on holiday and then slept for 12 hours which shows you the technique works wherever you are. I’m very proud of my clever little girl.

I needed professional help because I was at the end of my tether. I had to stay with my little girl until she fell asleep at night (sometimes for an hour) and then she would wake around 10pm for a feed and then again around 3am. Sometimes it would take 90 minutes to get her back to sleep because she’d be practicing crawling and standing up. I was exhausted and jealous of my friend’s children who had slept through for months.

During the day she’d nap in the car but I had to rock her to sleep in my arms if we were at home. Sometimes I’d manage to put her in her cot but she’d wake up and it would take me another 30 minutes to get her back to sleep. I was so frustrated!

Sophie and I had a long chat on the phone initially and she cam to visit us one evening. I was immediately at ease in her company and she listened to our issues without judging. I explained that I couldn’t listen to my baby crying as it upset me and she told me about a halfway house which involves settling the baby whenever she needed comforting.

The first night Sophie stayed with me to help me interpret the cries and sounds (properly upset, angry, starting to accept the situation and going off to sleep). It took 90 minutes to get her off to sleep that first night and I had to go and settle her once in the early hours of the morning. The second night it took 45 minutes and the third night 15 minutes. By night four she was goin to sleep in 5 minutes and still does.

I can’t thank Sophie enough, she has given me so much more confidence in my mothering skills and my little girl the confidence to fall asleep on her own. I wish I had called her months ago!
— Mel - July 2016
I contacted Blissful Bambino when my 6 month old daughter Flora stopped sleeping through the night. She went from having one night feed to waking almost every hour through the night. We would have to wait for her to fall asleep from exhaustion as nothing else we did helped to settle her to sleep. Sophie visited us just a few days after we spoke and her positive attitude and experience immediately gave us hope for the future. Flora was instantly at ease with having her around and they developed a lovely bond. Sophie came up with a strategy which we followed for the next few days. She visited us a few times as Flora began to resist everything we were doing. I thought I had tried everything but Sophie kept coming up with new ideas and it was clear she was not going to give up until we had a baby that slept through the night! She has an amazing intuition with babies and I trust her with Flora 100%. We now get uninterrupted sleep from 7pm to 6.30am and this has been life changing! Flora loves her bedtime routine and is so content in her own bedroom, a few months ago I would not have believed this was possible. I honestly don’t think we would have been able to achieve this without Sophie’s help.
— Isobel - September 2016
Our little girl had always seemed to have difficulty with sleep; when she was tiny, she was very colicky in the evenings and it would take hours to settle her off to sleep, but then she slept reasonably well at night. When she hit 4 months, however, her nights became very disturbed. Sometimes she would wake hourly and need to be cuddled or breastfed to sleep. we’d almost never been able to put her in her cot awake and go to sleep independently. We’d go through ‘better phases’ when we she’d wake only twice a night, but then she reverted back to waking multiple times again. When she was nine months old we decided to ask for Blissful Bambino’s help.

Sophie came to our house to observe our bedtime routine and discuss with us various options to help our little girl to fall asleep more independently. From the beginning, she was friendly, gentle, non-judgemental and clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. Together, we decided upon a technique to use that fitted with our way of parenting and our baby’s personality. Sophie observed and supported us through the whole process. We knew that our little girl would protest the sudden change to her routine, but having Sophie there with her calm manner and wealth of experience was immensely valuable. We had our longest sleep in months that first night, and within a week or so our baby was reliably sleeping through the night.

Having a couple of weeks of good nights’ sleep has made such a difference to how we all feel. Our little girl seems more contented and I no longer feel like I’m battling tiredness and irritability, but have the energy to enjoy the daytime with her.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Blissful Bambino to any parent struggling with their baby’s sleep. For us, having a plan that was specifically tailored to our family was really important, and having Sophie in our home, getting to know us all and supporting us through the initial challenges was invaluable. Having the email support afterwards was also very reassuring, and we were confident that Sophie’s responses to our questions were based on a good understanding of us as a family and the particular difficulties we had faced.
— Helen - February 2017
Sophie gave us the guidance and support to help our 9 month old son stop using a soother and to start sleeping through the night. Perhaps more importantly, she also gave us the tools and confidence to deal with nights when he didn’t settle of his own accord or his sleeping was interrupted for some reason.
— Maria - April 2017