"It has  really helped my daughter's independence and behaviour and we are all so much happier for it"

Toddlers are so much fun, they are growing and changing so fast, developing their very own personalities and becoming that bit more independent.  They start to become more strong willed, that little bit cheekier and certainly more mischievous.  They keep you on your toes!

There are two common issues that parents tend to approach Blissful Bambino with.  The first is poor sleep routines, where toddlers are having difficulties in relaxing and going to sleep independently, continued wakening throughout the night and sleeping in with mum and dad, are all issues commonly addressed.  The second is tantrums, where if not channelled correctly the growing toddler’s independence manifests itself into growing patterns of bad behaviour and usually tantrums in embarrassing public situations.


Sleep related issues among toddlers tend to be different to that of a young baby.  Not only are they more mobile, but toddlers are also able to make different demands on their parents, starting to push those boundaries just that little bit further as their independence grows.

There are many aspects that can affect a toddler’s sleep – some may have moved into a bed from a cot, others may use delay tactics as their speech is developing and many will have negative sleep habits and associations formed when they were a young baby.  A couple of examples of these negative sleep habits are; A toddler being used to having a drink or milk to get them to sleep, or always been rocked to sleep; A toddler waking in the night and needing their mum or dad to be with them to go back to sleep.

The good news is that all of these can be overcome, with your toddler forming positive sleep habits that will benefit them for life; they can learn to love sleep again.

At Blissful Bambino we can advise you on a number of tools vital to building positive toddler sleep patterns, such as our Reassure and Return Technique’ Whatever the selected techniques are - we will always make sure that they are tailored to your little ones needs.  We can also support you through implementation of those chosen techniques, as those cheeky toddlers have a habit of testing your determination.


Toddler tantrums are certainly one part of parenting that most of us do not relish, particularly when they occur in public!  First let us start by saying that temper tantrums are very common, your toddler is not alone and they tend to start at around 18 months.  Research suggests that communication is one of the main causes, as along with growing independence comes a lack of development in how to express their wishes and wants, resulting in feelings of frustration and hence the tantrums.

Blissful Bambino can empower you to deal with these tantrums so that when they do arise you can feel controlled and calm, knowing that you have positive ways of making sure they are short lived.  Reinforcement of this positive controlled approach underpinned by consistency will gradually develop into a learned behaviour in both you as a parent and in your toddler and hence the tantrums will occur far less frequently.

Again consistency is the key to success with any technique, at Blissful Bambino we will give you all the support you require throughout the process.


Photography by Capture4Life