There are many challenges throughout the journey of parenthood, but sleep deprivation is one most difficult to cope with.  This is because many other child related issues can be 'lived with', but sleep is essential to everything we do and has a significant impact on how we as parents function.

Many parents have either tried some sleep coaching/training methods at some point, while others feel daunted by them. The word 'training' itself puts a lot of people off as it sounds so strict and regimented. We feel the term  'sleep coaching' is more appropriate when talking about babies and children. Implementing sleep coaching doesn't have to be a stressful process for either baby/child or parent. Admittedly in order to really see improvements you do have to be dedicated, determined and consistent in your chosen approach.  Many people prefer a gentler approach (as do we) and that is possible.  It is proven that gentle approaches do work and with time and consistency great results can be achieved. We do not use 'cry it out' or 'controlled crying' techniques.

There are many general methods of sleep coaching, but the reason many parents do not succeed is that the chosen method does not take into consideration the parent's and child's specific needs.  A further reason for a lack of success is that sleep coaching can initially be stressful to carry out particularly without a support network - a book for example cannot tell you how your little one will react to the chosen method and hence how you should manage the subsequent reaction.

This is where we at Blissful Bambino can support you; by working with you and your little one, we can assess and advise what we believe could work best for you and your family. The final chosen approach and plan will be developed in partnership with you, ensuring a personalised and individual  solution - and one which you are completely comfortable with.  Central to this will be an assessment of your baby/child's bedtime routine and sleep environment, as such factors are fundamental in ensuring success.  As our service is parent-led, we will provide you with whatever level of support you desire, be it providing you with a plan for you to implement independently, supporting you on an adhoc basis throughout the process, or alternatively being their with you when you are putting the plan into action, providing on the spot guidance and advice. 

Contact us today and let us help you embark on your journey to more blissful sleep.


Three Hour Sleep Consultation (from 6 months to 4 years), Tailored Sleep Plan and Three Weeks of Email Support - £210.00

The three hour consultation has been designed to allow us to meet you in your home, understand your family dynamics, assess the sleep issues you are having, create a tailored plan to help you work through and gradually overcome them and start to implement the changes that very day or evening. It is amazing how much we can achieve in three hours! By being present during your little one's bedtime or nap time routine, it allows us to plan techniques that are going to work for them and also for you. We believe that by providing that hands on support that first day or night, empowers you as parents and helps your confidence grow to then implement the plan in the subsequent days or nights. We also know that by observing babies/children's behaviour first hand it allows us to really make sure that the techniques suit them and provides them with reassurance and confidence during the sleep coaching process.

Follow up email support for up to three weeks (Monday to Friday) is included in the price above. 

Twin / Sibling (two children) Sleep Consultation as above - £260.00

Extended evening support in addition to the three hour consultation above - £25.00 an hour

Extended email support - £35.00 a week

For many of our families the three hour consultation and ongoing email support is all they need to overcome their sleep challenges. However, we do sometimes need to return to offer further support and offer a range of packages depending on what you and we feel you need. These packages can include us staying with you in your home overnight to help and support you to implement the plan that we create with you.  It is easier for parents and less daunting to implement the suggested changes when experience and support is on hand. These overnight stays also allow us to work closely with you, tending to your baby/child at each waking, showing you how to read your baby's/child's signs and how to respond in the most effective way for them. This will leave you feeling more confident about when and how to respond to their waking in the following nights.

It is down to the individual family as to which route they wish to take and we can of course advise on this, so please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Extra day, evening or night support within three weeks of the initial three hour consultation (minimum charge of £50.00 on return visit) - £25.00 an hour for the visit, plus £35.00 a week for email support

Our sleep coaching consultations and packages are available for babies from 6 months old to children up to the age of four.

Please be aware that our advice will be in accordance with the Safe Sleep Guidelines for reducing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and for more information please visit

We are based in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, we are very happy to travel to other areas, but travel expenses for mileage and travel time will apply.

The main areas that we cover in Oxfordshire are;

Oxford, Witney, Faringdon, Abingdon, Didcot, Wantage, Grove, Thame, Woodstock, Carterton, Henley, Wallingford and the surrounding villages.

The main areas that we cover in Berkshire are;

Reading, Theale, Pangbourne, Aldermaston, Newbury, Chieveley, West and East Ilsley, Thatcham and the surrounding villages.

If you do not see your location above then please do get in touch.


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He was instantly more settled and slept independently, it changed my life!
These two lovely ladies helped by 9 month old to sleep consistently through the night and as a result our family life has been transformed!